18 January 2015

Weird Things At Mines

There are some crazy weird things that go on at Mines ..

1. Once, I was in chemistry lecture with a kid that had a full-sized carrot as a pendant on a homemade necklace. 

2. The majority of people don't have any idea how to dress.

3. It's normal to just sit in a room full of people and have absolutely no one try to make conversation. Everyone just sits there pretending like they got texts or something really important to do on their phones. 

4. At parties, the conversation always goes back to how hard a test was, how stupid a professor is, how unfair a class is, how selfish the school is, and then more specific nerdy topics.

5. I went to the comedian the other night, and there was a kid in the audience that the comedian was asking questions. Turns out, that kid just got back from a rock collecting trip, and had collected and brought to the show, about 20 rocks. He then showed us a few and made a rock joke. Good for him for being confident enough to speak in front of an audience; that's way cooler than most here.

6. There's a kid in one of my classes who thinks he's the coolest, smartest piece. He raises his hand, pointer finger up, and then states, "I'd like to point out ..". What a douche. He does this after practically every sentence our professor says, and must argue, even when no one implied or said that he was wrong. 

7. There was a guy that never came in to class, he just sat in the hallway, right outside the door.

8. There was a GIRL who, for Halloween, went all out. She had the head of an eagle from a mascot costume on, and giant, homemade wings. They were pretty cool, but holy cows did she go big. How she sat in class, I have no idea.

9. The lack of eye contact on this campus is astounding. I like to stare directly at someone's eyes just to see how long I can hold eye contact. Every once in a while, the person will either be fine with making eye contact, or take a long time deciding if I'm actually looking at them, and the stare is a bit too long. Most of the time, though, it's a sideways glance, and then they quick, find the ground, and their hand flies to their pocket to start rummaging for their phone. 

10. And then, you have the dorks that think they're the hottest. They're like the cocky, douchey, macho guys you find at a regular campus, except these ones are actually gross and mean. Nerds tend to be mean, because that's their only defense mechanism from being bullied from elementary school all through high school. They come to college for a fresh start, and think no one can tell that they were weird, so they put on a fake attitude and it's gross. I like people that are confident in who they are because it doesn't matter what the bitchy girl or ripped guy thinks of you. They're outside your social group anyway. You probably already have friends that would love you for who you actually are because that's who they actually are. If not, go out and meet some new ones. 

11. There's a kid I know who once put a dead frog on a hanger ..

12. There are LAN parties at this school.

13. There is a drinking game here associated with the online physics homework system.

14. Because of the lack of girls at this school, guys sometimes think that if they're drunk, or act drunk enough, they can justify sexually assaulting the drunk females. 

15. There is a Magik: The Gathering club. I actually have been to quite a few meetings myself. I do like that game. Once, this guy let me play with his ally deck, and I got to a point where I had so many lives, and added lives basically whenever anything happened to me or my opponent, so I could never lose. 

16. I accidentally mixed up my 5 x 5 x 5 Rubik's Cube, and a guy who lived in my building, who had solved his first 3 x 3 x 3 the week prior, just figured out how to solve this one, no problem, within an hour. He also solved my cube that doesn't even move laterally; the corners kind of twist. 

17. Just wait until I get to go out and party again. I will meet so many more interesting people, and I promise I will tell you about them. The kids at this school are crazy. They drink hardcore to destress, they smoke pot to destress, they do other drugs for idk, and they go wild when they're drunk because they know that after the alcohol wears off, they will go back into their corner and won't say another word until the next weekend. JK, most people aren't like that, but there are totally a few that are. My friends are the chillest though. Everyone is so friendly and we care for each other, and we have fun. 

Farewell pic :

Me balancing on an upside-down bosu at my trainer's gym.

                                                                                       ~ Cici

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