21 January 2015

Shop The Sales, Save The Money

I have a terrible need to shop all the time. I like sales, I like new things, I like pretty things, I like sweaters, I like .. stuff !! I've never had the biggest budget, so I learned young how to shop the sales. Here's how it's done :

1. Create a junk e-mail address and when a site asks you to sign up for their updates or whatever, do it. For example, if you do this on HankyPanky.com, you will get a $10 coupon !! There is no minimum order this has to be used on, so once I got a low-rise, hot pink, lace thong with 'GEMINI' in rhinestones on it for $1.50. It was originally like $30, which is 95% off !! I used my $10 off coupon, and the thong was on sale for $11.50, and they were having a free shipping weekend.

2. Shipping is really expensive. If you're looking for great deals, you're probably going to have to find the sites that are having specials of free shipping with no minimum order. To look specifically for sites that are having shipping sales, go to ShopStyle.com, click offers, and then click shipping. You'll notice that they also have a discounts tab, which shows you every sale that they have found. Keep in mind that this is a style site, so this isn't where you will find deals on stuff you can't wear. 

3. In your e-mail, you will either get sale alerts, or maybe even coupon codes !! If you get a code, go see if there's a sale going on at the site so you can get double sale. If you get a sale alert, go try to find a coupon code. Another really good place to find those is at RetailMeNot.com. Another example of my success, is that GarageClothing.com was having like two weeks of free shipping with no minimum order. They also have a sale section. I also found a coupon code. So, I got a couple really nice, sheer, button-down shirts for under $20. One of them is black with an eye patter in white on it. The other one is a dark purple. 

Another thing I forgot to mention about adding yourself to e-mail lists, is that sometimes you're invited to secret sales, or you can get into the sale before those who aren't on their mailing list. Also, you can search for keywords in your e-mail, like Free Shipping, or Clearance, or Sale, or Code. 

Also, if you're not opposed to catalogs, they also sometimes come with coupons in them. 

Farewell pic :

When I insisted on taking some of my senior pictures on a see-saw. There are also some on a slide, swing, and driving a fake car. 

                                                                                 ~ Cici

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