12 January 2015

Today's Workout 2

Apparently our one day of rest wasn't enough for my body. About 2500 yards into this morning's practice all of my old injuries showed themselves. Both of my shoulders started popping about and pinching in their sockets, my right knee started pinching a little, my ankle started hurting like it did three weeks after I sprained it, and my swimmer's ear wanted to play just for a minute. If you've never had swimmer's ear, it feels like you're in a plane but you haven't been able to pop your ears, and then someone heats up a wire hanger and tries to poke it all the way through your head. Also, I can't eat breakfast at 5 in the morning, so this was all done on an empty stomach. Thanks for reading through my whining :).

Anyway, here you go :

600 Swim
4 x 100 k/l/r/s @ 1:45
200 Pull

8 x 75 dr/dr/build @ 1:20

12 x { 150 free swim @ 1:55
3 x 50 Back @ :45 (Goal time :36)

3 x { 3x 25 w/ paddles and parachute
25 fast w/ paddles
50 easy

200 easy

For a total of 6050 yards .. pretty sure. So about 2.45 miles !!

Farewell pic :

This was one of my first days at college; I had my ID on a school lanyard and everything.

                                                                                          ~ Cici

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