10 January 2015

How I Play Poker

I like doing things that society generally thinks I wouldn't do. For example, I'm in the STEM fields, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and it is true that not many females get into STEM; about 70% of my school is male. Anyways, for some reason I got really into poker a few years ago. I think it was because it was always on TV, and nowadays there isn't very much new stuff on TV. (It must have been before I had Netflix.) So I watched it a bunch, and downloaded the WSOP app, and after about a day, I was labeled as a "pro", which was based on return on investment. 

I've won a few of each of these things, and it feels soooo good. 

One night, I was camping on the field with half of my high school, and the rich guys had set up their "tentropolis" that consisted of nine tents, one of which was a poker tent. Unfortunately the buy in was $200 .. Aspen. Fortunately, a few of those boys were in the robotics club with me, and we had a competition that involved an overnight. When we were at the hotel, we divided up 200 pennies and played. This being my first time playing face-to-face with people, I didn't do very well. 

I didn't get to play again until project graduation. There were two tables, and I was the first to sit down that night. Of course, the boys didn't want to play with a girl, and I got stuck at the table with my friends who didn't know how to play. But as the night went on, I started getting to play with the boys that played all the time, and I ended up with the most chips from poker at the end of the night !!

At freshman orientation last year, there was a casino night put on by the fraternities, and of course I ended up at a table with 7 guys and a hot dealer that was kind of a douche. Anyways, this brings me to HOW I PLAY POKER. 

I grew up in a very sarcastic family, so I've become a very good liar. Every once in a while I can keep a poker face, but there are times I can't. However, there are times when I just feel the need to smile when I have bad cards too, so no one can tell the difference. 

For example, I started out with a pocket pair. After the flop, I had a full house. Obviously, I was going in hard, but smart boy nerds like the ones at my school have very strong egos and sometimes cannot deal with getting beat, especially by a silly girl who giggles and flirts with everybody. They also probably thought I had no idea what I was doing. Back to the hand, the turn card gave me four of a kind !! I was smiling pretty big now, and the guy next to me asked if I had three of a kind. With my giant smile, I told him no, I had four of a kind. Thinking I was lying, the other guys still in kept calling or raising me, to my pleasure. 

All in all, let them think they can tell when you're lying, so that you can tell the truth and they'll think the opposite. A good liar makes people think they're lying when they're telling the truth, as well as making people think that they're telling the truth when they're lying. 

Farewell pic :

Doing a community service project with my team, and they let me use the nail gun on the roof !!

                                                                                                  ~ Cici

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