11 January 2015


I first heard of this game when my nerdy friends were trying to figure out an algorithm to never lose. It took me a while to figure out a strategy, but one I did, I was on a roll to procrastination. My favorite one is this one ..

It was really nice on the phone app how you could quick swipe, and prevent the new tile from showing up where you didn't want it, but after playing online where you couldn't do that, I got better at that as well. Once you choose a corner to have your highest tile to be in you just need to snake the other tiles in descending order consecutively in a snake-like pattern. Once a tile shows up where you don't want it to, and that snake pattern is ruined, there isn't really anything you can do. Just make sure your highest tile stays where it needs to, or you're done. You can see in my picture above that the lowest tile (the plainer pink kitty) ruined my snake pattern that went down the left side, and up the next column. 

Farewell pic :

When I went to the animal shelter to give some love to some kitties. I'm pretty sure this was a boy kitten named, Rasha. 

                                                                   ~ Cici

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