12 January 2015

Life At Mines - 12 Jan 2015

Today is the start of the first full week of the semester. We've barely started class work, but I already have a bunch of homework to do. I don't even have homework in two of my classes yet. And the labs aren't even considered assignments .. but they are graded.

Calculus Worksheet due Friday
Physics Problems (22) due Monday
Data Structures Labs (4) due Friday
Calculus Problems (14) due Wednesday
Calculus Problems (15) due Monday

Lucky for me, I only have 3 classes today, each one being an hour of lecture, and then second practice. Not a bad day, but I hope I do something exciting tonight, because I'm still a bit bummed about my relationship situation or the lack of one. I tried crying about it, but I guess I'm not bothered by it enough to cry more than about 9 tears. I do feel the need to cry though, you know? So last night I went and hung out with a few friends and watched "If I Stay", and got a few more tears out. That was a pretty dece movie. A little dramatic in some scenes, and there were awkward things the actors did that you're not supposed to notice that kind of took away from the emotional portion of it, but nevertheless, I did cry. If I still need to cry later, I'll just watch videos of soldiers coming home to their kids; those get me every time. Just the fact that those kids go through so much emotional pain when they have no idea why .. 

I'm in my last class .. Ten minutes early. So it turns out that the girl my recent fling is dating now I actually know. We had a class together last year and were in a group together for a while. She's also in my data structures class and today sat three computers away from me. I feel like it should have bothered me .. Pretty sure it didn't. It also reminded me to text her older brother because I've been wanting his old notes. 

Class today has been so boring. In calc we were going over basic things like polar coordinates and vectors. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep that I'm pretty sure my eyes were half open for most of class .. Like if you pause the TV when an actor is blinking .. Not cute. I've realized that when my prof in that class writes on the board, I can see the side of his abs which happen to be very defined. My next lecture was also not wry much fun. We were going over libraries in C++ which most of us should already know how to use due to a prereq for that class. This lecture is physics, and were also going over basics like equations for displacement, velocity, and acceleration. I have to be here though, because there are participation points through clickers.

After this, I have to go directly to second practice. Luckily, because this morning was ├╝ber hard, tonight is supposed to not be so hard.


Farewell pic :

Football game with some teammates and our mascot, Blaster.

                                                                                                     ~ Cici

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