09 January 2015

Ask Me Anything

I have a very eclectic kind of mind, and I find comfort in knowing weird little things about weird little topics, along with the things I need to know for school and general survival .. so ask me anything.

Popular topics to ask about:

Computer Programming
Origami Cranes
Popular Music (50s to present)
Chemical Elements (I know the Elements Song by Tom Leher)
My Favorite Foods to Make For Myself
My Favorite Clothing Designer(s)
Colorado School of Mines
Stupid Boys
Spongebob Squarepants
TV Show/Movie Recommendations 
Hair Products (Professional Grade Only)
Hello Kitty
Quotes For Any Situation
Donating Your Hair (4 times)
Poem to Give Your Valentine

For example, a poem I gave to the hottest guy on my team last year ..

Roses are Red
Hydrangeas are Odd
Have I Ever Told You
You Look Like a God

This farewell picture is of an elephant, Groucho, getting a bath and drinking some water.

                                                                                                      ~ Cici

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  1. This poem is super creepy. What the hell.