10 January 2015

Throwback Tweets

So .. you do have the option to follow me on Twitter. 


The name was because of the Clique series every girl I know read in middle school. If you haven't read them, basically there are four super popular rich girls that aren't the nicest. Then there's this girl, Claire, whose family moves in with the Queen B's family, and the clique calls her Cuh-laire. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you some of the gems of my past ..

The day after a Halloween party :

I don't even know .. :

I go to a weird school :

Lemon is my favorite :

If only I could get paid for procrastination :

What a pal :

Sad day :

Ladies, come to Mines :

Don't tell my coach :

Can't wait until next year :

When my team trained with marines for a day and we had to memorize stuff :

I do love to sneeze :

Oh, ya know .. the norm :

And then of course, the life of a backstroker :

Last one, I promise :

And the parting picture is .. Jo as a puppy cuddling with my monkey ..

                                                                                        ~ Cici

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