29 January 2015

The 1st Annual Gala

As I walked out onto the stage towards the shiny, transparent podium, I could feel my smile try to waver. It felt like all of the lights, in what must have been the largest hotel ballroom in the world, had suddenly become brighter and hotter. I took slow, even steps to make sure I completed my walk without tripping. I concentrated on keeping my hands relaxed and looking elegant all around. The need to fidget with my two-fingered diamond ring in the shape of a snake was nipping at my thoughts, but I somehow managed to gracefully refuse. My glossy ponytail with large, slight waves brushed my upper back as it swayed back and forth from my stride. Finally reaching my mark, I smiled hard and looked towards the audience as my eyes adjusted. I imagined how I must have looked to them in my deep purple gown that gently hung off my shoulders, my freshly-polished crystal collar and matching earrings that must have sparkled like crazy, and my delicate, silk-lined heels that were two shades darker than my dress and made me look tall and regal. My collarbone touched my straps just enough to let me know that they were still there, and the smooth, cool fabric brushed against my freshly-shaven legs. I realized that I wasn't nervous, because I was exactly where I needed and wanted to be. I remembered that I've always had, or at least shown, grand amounts of confidence, and that I was completely ready for this. Gently, I placed my perfectly manicured hands atop the podium and remembered how happy I was. Basking in this high of joy and serenity, I took a deep breath, rolled my shoulders back, and lifted my chin just a tad before I started speaking. 

I welcomed the room, all sitting at the round tables with an assortment of hors d'oeuvres in the centers. Everyone had put their conversations on hold just for me, as this was my night after all. I thanked them for all of their contributions and assistance that had made my new organization possible. Each and every one of them had taken time out of their hectic schedules to further my cause, and for everything I was absolutely grateful. They had donated so much time, effort, and money, without which, I would still be a student who was totally frightened by the career path I had chosen in a field that may or may not have brought me any comfort in doing something right. I explained to them that this organization had been an idea in the making for five years, and that it had been my dream since the beginning to make it reality. The fact that it was, in fact, reality rendered my almost speechless, and made me feel like I couldn't possibly be awake. After all, it's future presence had snuck in to my dreams so many times prior that it was only fitting that I didn't trust it. Nevertheless, I would work as hard possible to build the organization and change the way that humans interact with each other. The increase in fairness will, in time, bring an increase in happiness. I spoke slowly and made sure to pause every now and then to take a careful breath as to keep my voice steady. I offered myself for any assistance that they might need in the coming future, and assured them that I would try to help in any situation that occurred. After a bit more praise, I invited the room to dine as their entrees were brought out, and said goodnight before any tears could be created and shed. As I walked off the stage, I was greeted by applause, handshakes, hugs, questions, and words of wisdom. These people were all very successful and probably understood every thought and emotion that I was possessing that night. The overwhelming sense that everything was perfect, and my feet weren't touching the floor came over me as I went about the rest of the night. My pulse was quick, my smile was endless, and I knew I loved my life.

                                                                                            ~ Cici

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