09 January 2015

Recap Fall 2014 Semester

Hey, I'm Cici !! 

I'm 19 and a computer science major at Colorado School of Mines. It's definitely nerdy, yes. 

This is my team !! 

I workout with these guys for about 20 hours a week, so they're my family. Here, you see future mechanical engineers, petroleum engineers, computer scientists, chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, civil engineers, biochemists, metallurgical engineers, mathematicians, electrical engineers, mining engineers, and geological engineers. We represent basically every major at Mines except for geophysics. (But we had one last year.)

One day, our women's team pained our tummies spelling out, "We love Mines boys!", which was crazy fun. 

I also went to the zoo twice !! Once was on free zoo day, and it was freezing out so hardly anyone was there. Then, the second time was for Zoo Lights which was super cool, too.

This is a picture from my birthday weekend. The three of us have birthdays within just days of each other, and we were in the same adoption group in China when we were babies !! 

Last semester I took physics, calculus, programming concepts (C++), human systems, and music theory. Taking that music class reminded me how much I need music in my life to keep me calm, because swimming doesn't always do the trick. I (being Chinese), naturally have played the piano since I was 4, but last semester I found a violin and started playing that. While listening to some piano/violin duets, I came across the composer, Brian Crain, who has the most beautiful pieces. I didn't want to buy the sheet music, however, so I started creating my own versions. 

This is my version of Butterfly Waltz. Only the piano part though, because I'm not done with the violin part yet. 

It might be a little longer than this once I'm done with the violin part, because I keep thinking of different ways the violin and piano can interact with each other. 

I don't think I'll ever love a guy as much as I love these guys .. 

This little puppy is BeauJo. I call him piggy or Jo. His name was Montana when we rescued him, named after Hannah Montana .. so we changed it. He likes to talk (not bark), is very good at giving high fives, his favorite game is hide and seek, and his favorite fruit is banana. 

 This is Lucy Lou. We didn't name her. I call her moo or Lou. She is an excellent howler, and can always tell when it's almost time for supper. She's very wild when she first sees you, but is very gentle and sweet once you get to know her. She's also scared of bathrooms, little boys, and brooms .. we're pretty sure it has something to do with the poor way she was treated before she was found running at large when she was a puppy. :(

These are my cats. The gray one is Dusty .. I named her when I was six, and dust was the only thing I could think of that was gray. She loves attention, and can be pretty annoying about it, but she just wants to be loved, and you can't criticize her for that. 

This is my Sagwa boy, obviously named after the Siamese cat from the books (though he's tonkinese).  He's extremely shy; only one of my friends has actually been able to pet him before. He and Dusty are siblings, and they both adore the dogs, as the dogs do them. 

Some more things about me ?? Uh ..

I am terrified of sharks.

My idol is David Geffen.

I always have a sparkly and shiny nail polish on. (Mostly OPI with maybe a couple exceptions.)

I know the computer languages C++, HTML, JavaScript, and Python.

I graduated from Aspen High School in 2013.

I had an art piece featured in the Aspen Art Museum in 2012.
This is a picture out of an Aspen newspaper of the student curators hanging my piece. It hung about 3 feet off the ground, making the top of it about 15 feet up. There are exactly 1000 paper cranes on it, and four rings of them getting gradually more colorful as you get to the middle. This took me four months, and I did it entirely myself !!

Right before the semester started, I went to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not just any concert though .. STRFKR opened !! Followed by GROUPLOVE !! And then Portugal. the Man !! 
I was in the third row, meaning eye level with the bands, and I even got the Grouplove set list !!



Portugal. the Man and Grouplove

Portugal. the Man

And to close .. a cute picture of some donkeys I saw.

                                                                                             ~ Cici

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